Evaluation of an Integrated Mental Health Liaison Service (RAID) in Northern Ireland
Mental health services
October 2018

A high proportion of patients treated for physical health conditions also have co-morbid mental health problems; and there is growing acceptance of a need to raise awareness of mental health issues in acute hospitals and improve the experience of care and treatment for this group.

Logic Models for Complex Programmes
Service improvement
November 2017

Logic models have become a standard tool for planning and evaluation. This short presentation offers a step-by-step guide to assembling logic models for complex programmes.

The Strategy Unit is well known for its use of logic models. We use them to help programmes and organisations – including Vanguard sites and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships – to set out the thinking behind their work. Logic models clarify thought at the outset. This brings two main benefits: better design and increased ability to evaluate.

Palliative and End of Life Care in the West Midlands
Secondary care
October 2017

Commissioned by NHS England, this report describes the status and context of palliative and end of life care services in the six Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in the West Midlands. The report contains data on trends and forecast numbers of deaths, place of death, palliative care registers, acute healthcare use prior to death, availability of specialist-level palliative care and summarises the results of recent palliative care reviews and audits.

The Potential Economic Impact of Virtual Outpatient Appointments in the West Midlands: A scoping study
Impact assessment
November 2018

The Strategy Unit was recently approached to examine the case for a shift from traditional outpatient services to the use of virtual and remote access technologies for appropriate outpatient appointments. An essential part of this assessment was broadly scoping the potential socio-economic impacts of the shift – something that is arguably not always given enough consideration when thinking about transforming services. This work was commissioned by Andy Williams, Accountable Officer at Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG.