Fraser Battye
Prinicipal Consultant

Fraser has nearly 20 years of experience providing expert analysis and advice to improve public services. In that time, Fraser has worked a multitude of topics. These include innovation, new models of care, housing policy, learning disability, smoking, end of life care, sexual and domestic violence, the regulation of synthetic drugs, infant mortality, policy responses to austerity and outcomes based commissioning. 

The organisations Fraser has worked with are similarly diverse. They include NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the European Commission, Test Beds, most major patient charities, Health Foundation, NICE and Public Health England. He has worked at local, national and international levels (in Europe and North America). 

Yet, throughout the diversity of Fraser’s work, there is a single uniting theme: using evidence to make better decisions. His passion is the application of analysis: helping organisations, policies and programmes to make evidence-based improvements and achieve better outcomes for the people they serve. Fraser’s technical expertise is therefore concentrated in the areas of research and evaluation.